Who Your Friends Are

I realized today that I hadn’t seen any updates in several months from a Facebook friend.  I discovered, when I looked him up, that I had been unfriended.  At first hurt, I briefly thought about sending another friend request before deciding against it.  You see, life is short.  It’s a cliche’, but our time is so limited–who doesn’t complain about not having enough of it?–that I don’t want to spend it chasing after people who 1. don’t make me happy and 2. don’t choose to be my friend.

A true friend:

  • chooses to be your friend because she genuinely likes you
  • will be there for you, regardless of whether or not it’s “convenient”
  • says, “Let me know if you need anything,” and really means it
  • is your friend with no strings attached
  • doesn’t require an “event” or “party” to have you over
  • always gives you the courtesy of a response, even if it’s one you didn’t want to hear
  • shares something crucial with you–values, experiences, or dreams, for example
  • makes your life better and happier

Surround yourself with true friends and life will be so much better.

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