What Do You Worship?

Someone once told me that your activities on Sunday demonstrate what you worship; so, if you watch football and drink beer, sports and alcohol are your “gods.” If you go shopping, you are worshiping the retail industry. If you go to the park with your family, you worship family. If you go to church, you are worshiping your diety.

I’m not saying I agree with this logic, but it did give me something to ruminate on while I was “worshiping” running this morning. The half marathon is three weeks from now and I logged 9 miles this morning. Nine miles is a long time to think–I didn’t use earbuds–and I contemplated whether or not I felt guilty for skipping church to do a long run. I decided I didn’t.

Running, especially distance running, has such a truthfulness to it. You are so in tune with your body and your surroundings. It’s a simple activity, requiring no more than comfortable clothes and running shoes (and for barefoot runners, not even those!). It’s as natural for humans as sleeping. I learned from the book Born to Run, recommended in this post, humans are biologically developed to run at a 10:00 mile pace for about an hour at a time. And have you ever noticed that human beings have large rear ends whereas primates do not? The glutes are the source of power for our running ability.

But I digress. Running felt so good this morning, and so completely natural, that I felt that was what I should be doing. I did have plenty of time to pray, so don’t worry–I explained the situation to Him.

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  1. Kee says:

    Amen. I feel like running is a small example of how I work through issues in my life. I think I talk with God more while running then any other time. Great post!

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