New Year’s Resolutions

The past year brought huge changes–the birth of our second child, moving across the country, freelancing for online content sites, and adopting a vegan (well, nutritarian) eating style.

I am implementing a few resolutions this new year that should continue my self-improvement:

1. Reduce sugar intake to 20 grams or less per day, which is the daily recommended intake.

It’s shocking how much sugar is in foods if you start looking. For example, I had a bowl of Cheerios with non-dairy milk this morning, and I’m already at 15 grams of sugar today. I’ll bet almost no one meets the daily recommendation. I am going to try to start limiting my refined sugar intake, specifically. Instead, I’ll look to fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth, as recommended by Dr. Fuhrman.

2. Run a half-marathon.

I am happier, healthier, and more self-confident when I am in good running shape. I want to run my 9th half-marathon this year. Currently, I have my sights set on the Flying Pig Half-Marathon in Cincinatti, OH. I will be following the Hal Higdon training plan.

3. Set long-term professional and personal goals.

One of my favorite quotes is by Napoleon Hill: “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” I decided to start reading some of Napoleon Hill’s writings to see what other wisdom he offers. One of the most important points he makes is to find and declare your “major purpose.” I know my husband has one–he talks about it all the time, makes notes about it, studies books, tweets, and articles that relate to it. But since having kids, my goals and priorities have changed and, I’ve realized, I no longer know what I want to be in ten years. Life before marriage and parenthood used to be so clear for me. I had short- and long-term goals mapped out for years. Now, I just don’t know. So, my husband challenged me to at least think about it and write some stuff down. It’s fine if it changes, but I am at least going to write some stuff down and think about the future in selfish terms. It’s a difficult task as a mom to do that–so often, our futures seem defined by school and activity drop-offs, homework, and meals.

Have you set your resolutions for this new year yet?

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