MOPS Secret Sisters

I am taking a break from the Foodie Pen Pal program for a while.  Although I love it, I have joined a new “pen pal” program though my local MOPS organization and I’m not made of money.  I spent time and effort putting together boxes and planning future boxes, and I will know spend that energy making a fellow mom happy.

This new program is called Secret Sisters.  You know how a lot of offices have a Secret Santa program in December?  You draw names out of a hat and secretly shower your recipient with gifts throughout the month, then reveal your identity at the end.  Secret Sisters takes that to the next level–months of making your “sister” feel special. 

My MOPS group (that’s Mothers of Preschoolers) is embarking on six months of “secret keeping.”  Yes, that’s six months of furtive notes, packages, and baked goods.  Here are the guidelines we are using:

– The Secret Sister program will run Oct-Mar and conclude with a Reveal Party.  For those six months, you cannot reveal your identity.
– There is a $10 monthly spending limit on gifts.
– You must secretly contact your sister at least once a month, although you are welcome to contact her more frequently.  Contact can be a note, card, baked good, gift, etc.  
– There will be a drop box at MOPS meetings so that you can avoid postage fees.

This program is making everyone feel excited and special.  I have been told that the best thing to do when you’re going through a rough patch is to actually give of yourself to others (seems counter-intuitive, huh?).  It works.  When you give, you feel better and so does the recipient. 

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