Kitchen Facelift

More before and after photos of the new house! Sorry about the delay, but between home projects, homeschooling, and just the normal home chores and upkeep, I’ve been swamped. Oh ya, and add into that my Air Force Reserve job. Busy, but fulfilled and happy, right now!

So the story with the kitchen…it’s kind of funny, really. When we were first scoping homes on, there were a VERY limited number in the neighborhood we wanted to live in and the price range we could afford. This house, the one we ended up buying, kept popping up on searches, but the ONLY photos with it were of the kitchen and they were so ghastly, we didn’t even want to look at it. I’m so glad we did. Paint and a new floor work wonders.

On to the pictures. Here’s a before:

IMG_0767 Please note the wallpaper border, salmon-colored wall, pantry doors, and ceiling fan, as well as the teal trim around the transom window. The home was built in the 1950s and still had portions of the original parquet floor, although there were a couple sections of exposed concrete subfloor too. Here’s a picture of the (very) worn original floor:

20130626_093026 In the interest of time (remember, we only had a few days to get the house livable before the move) and money (which was stretched thin), we chose to use a vinyl floor tile. We adhered pieces of plywood down over exposed subfloor first.

The new floor:

IMG_1361 It turned out so nice! I love how my dad replaced the former transition piece–duct tape–with a nice laminate one that matches.


Now, remember that built-in wine rack in the original kitchen’s photo? We don’t drink wine, so I had another idea for the space. Thanks to my sister for painstakingly knocking out all those crosspieces!

IMG_1363 It now houses my cookbooks, cutting boards, and 6 half-gallon jars of dry goods. A MUCH better use of that space.

So, how about that heinous paint job? Well, check it out now! As in the family room re-do, we used Olympic Premium paint from Lowe’s in Gray-Beige.


And the pink fan and closet doors? Gone:

2013-08-11 14.37.19 We selected a modern fan to go with the mid-century modern design of the house, as well as one with light wood blades that would match existing cabinetry.

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, I’m really glad we’ve been able to make ours so functional AND beautiful. I’ll end with a “work in progress” pic of the floor laying.


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  1. Keelin says:

    Love it!! Glad you are enjoying your home 🙂

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