Freelancing and a Blog

I started writing online content for Demand Media Studios back in May, specifically for eHow and Livestrong. I’m currently a stay-at-home mom that was getting antsy for some professional development. My degrees and professional experience are in English and writing, so it was a perfect fit; I could write fun, interesting little articles whenever my schedule allowed.
Unfortunately, the assignment availability with the studio has waned recently and, again, I was getting antsy. I complained to my husband, ever the problem-solver, and he recommended starting a blog.

A blog? I confess that I’ve always thought people that kept blogs must be somewhat narcissistic–I mean, why should the masses care about my ramblings? My mindset has changed now and I am trying to post public content that might be useful to people. I’ll post private content for family and close friends, too, but I want to share the bits of wisdom I glean as I go about my daily life in hopes that they save somebody out there some time, energy or stress.

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