Proud Plant-Strong Parent Moment


During a playdate yesterday, my friend Leisy asked my eldest daughter what her favorite food is.

“Avocados,” she instantly replied.

“Wow, avocados.  Yes, those are good.  What’s your sister’s favorite food?” continued my friend.

“Cashews,” answered my daughter.

“Cashews?  Another good choice,” said Leisy.  “What about your mom?  What’s her favorite food?”

“My mom likes squash,” said my daughter.

Listening to this conversation, I was absolutely glowing with pride.  I could not have rehearsed better answers.  Actually, if I’d been crafting the answers myself, I probably would have said chocolate for me.  Laughing  As I discussed in my post on first impressions, our kids are watching us so incredibly closely and learning their behaviors from us.  It’s crucial that we model good habits as much in nutrition as in manners.  If they see us choosing fruits and veggies when we can really eat anything we want, they will be more inclined to eat them because small children imitate their parents.

I hope my daughter’s responses to this question are similar in five years.

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