Sunbutter: An Alternative to Nut Butters

Thus far, I’ve had great success making nut butters. I’ve made both cashew butter and almond butter in the Vitamix and both turned out great. I used the cashew butter in the Sweet ‘n’ Savory Cashew Butter Stew, and the almond butter is my baby’s favorite on a sandwich.

But many schools and childcare establishments don’t allow nut butters due to kids’ allergies. My daughter’s Mother’s Day Out program disallows peanuts, so I’ve substituted Nutella a few times–which I hate doing because it has 21g of sugar per serving. I recently saw a recipe for “healthier” Nutella that I’ll try soon, but I haven’t had a chance yet.

That’s why I was so excited to see this blog post on how to make perfect sunbutter. They do such a great job breaking down the steps that I see no reason to repeat it here. The first time I made it, I basically followed the recipe step-by-step (omit or reduce the salt!) because it was supposed to be “perfect,” right? It is very tasty–I would say even the equal of peanut and almond butter (I’m not a fan of cashew butter). The second time I made it, I tried it without toasting the seeds and leaving them raw. It definitely tastes better with the seeds toasted first, in my opinion. A much richer flavor! Also, I tried subbing coconut oil for olive oil and it didn’t work very well. That could have been because I didn’t melt the coconut oil first, but either way, I say stick with the recipe as it is written (although the salt is a bit high).

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