Healthy and Delicious "McMuffin" Alternative

Even if you’re a fan of McDonald’s, you have to admit that McMuffins are kind of gross.  A white English muffin fried on an oily griddle with quasi-meat, eggs, and toxic cheese on top?  Eww.  How about staying home instead, and putting these delicious components together–a toasted whole grain English muffin, hummus, guacomole, and a roasted tomato slice?  Oh heaven.  So yummy.  I thank Pinterest for the brilliant idea that was my brunch today, and thank you to my friend Cindy for the fabulous, homegrown tomato!

3 Responses to “Healthy and Delicious "McMuffin" Alternative”

  1. Mommo says:

    Awesome. Somebody needs to like them!

  2. Jenny Lovett says:

    Yummy yum! That looks awesome! I’ll be trying that later today

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