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I was so pleased to have my best friend, Tiffany, and her baby visit me this past week, and I was also extremely excited to share the new recipes and foods I’ve discovered with her. Tiffany is a fitness competitor, gymnast, and all-around buff chick, so I wanted her to approve of my healthy food! I can now say the week’s menu was a success! She thought all the food was delicious and she said, contrary to what she’d anticipated, she was never hungry. She wanted all the recipes to everything I made, so I told her I’d do a blog post with the links. It’s funny–writing it all down makes me realize how much I prepare what we eat, vs commercially prepared food. If the menu looks a little unbalanced, we were also eating green salads, and we ate out a couple times.

After her visit, she decided to start incorporating green smoothies into her menu plan. Score!

Day 1 Dinner: Crockpot Vegetarian Chili

Day 2: Green Smoothies, Everything Muffins, Jumbo Pasta Shells stuffed with Savory Pumpkin “Cheese,” Indian Potatoes and Chickpeas, No-Bake Energy Bites

Day 3: Green Smoothies, Chocolate Chip Blondie Bars, Tortilla Soup, Homemade Hummus with Chips, Eggless Salad Sandwiches with Plantain Chips

Day 4: Sunbutter with Apple Slices, Secret Ingredient Chocolate Fudge Pie, Hawaiian Chickpea Teriyaki, Vegan Ice Cream

Day 5: Liz’s Spice Bread, Balsamic Pasta, Single Serving Microwave Chocolate Cake

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