Quick and Simple Kitchen Organization Tip

spoons I was always annoyed how anytime I pulled out my measuring spoons to measure, for example, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, I would have to wash the entire set of spoons after tossing them into the sink. This is a quick and simple tip to get away from that. You buy some First Command hooks, attach them to the inside of a cupboard door, then separate all the measuring spoons (I know, it seems wrong somehow, doesn’t it? Like breaking up a family). Each spoon gets its own hook and you only use and wash the one you need. I keep mine on the inside of my dry goods cupboard. Before anyone calls me out on what looks like white sugar on the top shelf, it’s erythritol.

As washing dishes is my least favorite chore–yes, I would rather clean the toilet–I am in favor of any organization trick that makes the job easier!

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  1. Jill says:

    You are SO funny! I loved this post. I am a huge fan of organization.

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