Tinkerbell Birthday Party–And Boys Were Invited!


My daughter turned 4 this past weekend and we celebrated with her requested “Tinkerbell” party theme. Since several of her friends that were invited were boys, I had to come up with a way to make the party theme less feminine. Fairy wings are well and good for us, but I imagined a six-year old boy would not be on board with that.

My solution? I focused the party on the “tinkering” aspect of Tinkerbell, who is a tinker talent fairy; they fix, create, and invent things.  I wrote party invitation on slips of paper and attached them to Tinkertoys then hand-delivered them to addressees.  We invited attendees to come dressed as fairies, Lost Boys, or pirates to relate the theme more to Peter Pan than simply Tinkerbell. I admit it–I was pretty stoked about how cute and unique the invites turned out.


My daughters and I dressed up like Tinkerbell the day of the party.


Per usual, we asked that attendees not bring gifts, but all the kids received favor bags so that they were in a good mood and felt special and included right away.


I did something a little different for this party than the last couple–I varied the contents of the bags by gender.  Girls got rings, necklaces, butterfly bubble wands, Tinkerbell stickers, and bendable fairy figurines. Boys got die-cast cars, coloring books, and gag teeth. Each child also took home a copy of the Little Golden Edition of “Peter Pan” or “Tinkerbell” as well as a silk flower for their mom.


The party games centered around an “Earn Your Wand” set of activities:

1. Get Your Wings

2. Learn to Fly

3. Learn to Tinker

To “get wings,” we had the kids play “Pin the Wings on Tink.” I used a 50-cent piece of poster board, drew Tinkerbell missing her wings, then cut wings out of construction paper.  Next, I wrote the kids’ names on the wings.  We used a scarf as our “blindfold,” for those kids old enough to keep one on.


To “learn to fly,” the kids had to throw fairy bean bags into a basket across the room, simulating the fairies “flying to Pixie Hollow.”


To “learn to tinker,” we had the young kids play with Clipos and the older kids play with Tinkertoys.

IMG_1118     IMG_1106

The birthday girl must be a tinker fairy at heart.


The weather turned nice, so we ended up heading outside to blow bubbles and play in the water tables.


And OF COURSE we had Tinkerbell cupcakes.


I used Confetti cake mix in place of the Devil’s Food cake mix in my Healthier Devil’s Food Cupcakes.

Happy Birthday!


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  1. leisy miller says:

    our growing alligator is HUGE! even I was impressed. we had to transfer it into a bucket outside so that it could keep growing!!

  2. Jill says:

    What a fun party! You are so creative. 😀

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