Pirate Party for Little Kids

 Avast, me hearties!  My oldest recently turned 3 and we decided to celebrate with a pirate party!  She loves pirate-themed shows right now–Dora’s Pirate Adventure, Backyardigan’s Treasure Island, etc.  We delivered special ARRR! pirate invitations (Rough pages in glass bottles with shells) a few weeks beforehand and asked all attendees to “wear yer pirate finery!”

I bought lots of decorations from Oriental Trading Company and Dollar Tree and made all the kids (there were 8 total) “booty” loot bags.  I included bead necklaces, skull stickers, books, glow sticks, pirate rubber duckies, shell whistles, treasure maps, and bath toys for the littlest ones. 

As for activities, the main one was the treasure hunt!  Since we had kids aged 10 months – 4 yrs, we needed a safe, contained activity that all could partake in.  We filled plastic Easter eggs with plastic pirate coins and then hid them around the basement.  We gave the kids little bags then sent them down to the basement to find the treasure!

Consulting the map to find treasure

After the kids had found all the eggs and opened them, they got to trade the coins in for the TREASURE CHEST!  The chest came pre-filled from Oriental Trading Company with 100 toys and prizes, which the kids got to divvy up.


Of course I had lots of plant-strong snacks and food available, along with pirate party cups and plates

 On the menu:

Cinnamon-Maple Mini Muffins
Pumpkin Cashew “Cheese” Bites
Pizza Hummus
Hummus, baby carrots, and pita chips
Fresh strawberries
Corn chips and salsa
Balsamic Spinach and Tomato Pasta, served cold

What pirate party would be complete without a trip, as my daughter says, “to the ocean”?!?

 For dessert, we had the Healthier Devil’s Food Cupcakes, which were a hit with kids and adults alike!  The pirate party was lots of fun and my daughter is still talking about it weeks later. 

2 Responses to “Pirate Party for Little Kids”

  1. Mommo says:

    What a cute party. You really went all out! Looks like all your work was worth the effort. She was one happy kiddo.

  2. I love the idea for the treasure hunt! I mean, what would a pirate-themed party be without it, right? Also, you did good job with the treasure hunt. Ensuring the safety of the kids is always top priority. By the way, I agree that the pool just completed the pirate-like experience of the party. 🙂

    @ Rosalinda Hone

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