Our 10 Favorite Preschool Ipad Apps

ipad I will preface this by saying these are not necessarily MY favorite preschool apps (I still have high hopes they’ll grow into SlateMath and Space Aliens), but these are the ones that my children, ages 2.5 yrs and 4 yrs, enjoy the most and are also Mom and Dad approved for being educational.  You may notice that I have more mathematical concept apps than language arts–that’s because we do a lot of reading in our house, and we still prefer actual books. Here they are in order of MOST popular with the kids to least popular:

1. Park Math HD has 7 fun activities, bright graphics, fun animals, and three different learning levels, preschool through first grade. My youngest can’t get enough of feeding the hippo fruits and my eldest loves watching the ducks slide down the slide. ($3.99)

2. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox has a variety of word, color, and number activities (six total) and my kids LOVE that after answering a certain number correct, they get a “sticker.” Geared toward young kids 2-5. ($0.99)

3. Jack and Jill’s Preschool Adventure starts kids out picking either Jack or Jill, then selecting a costume for the kid to wear while they do the activities (cool!). The six games reinforce number, letter, shape and color recognition and kids earn little “toys” for their toy chest. For ages 2-5. ($0.99)

4. Endless Alphabet is one of those games that I think parents love as much or more than their kids because it’s just so amusing.  It’s an interactive word spelling game with a short video clip illustrating the word’s meaning after kids have dragged the talking letters into place. 50 words of varying difficulty.($2.99)

5. Memory Train is a sweet, simple, and kind of soothing game. Kids watch colored shapes and numbers as the train passes by them, then they help the goofy elephant recall what color or shape they passed. ($1.99)

6. TeachMe: Toddler has one of the most fun reward systems we’ve seen–kids get to not only choose stickers, they get to choose the background scene they go on as well. However, the game can also be somewhat dry in it’s presentation. I had to help the kids get started by picking an avatar and typing in their character names as well. Covers letters, abc phonics , numbers, shapes, colors and counting. It’s called the “Toddler” version but covers upper- and lowercase letters and other concepts a 2-yr old may not know yet. ($0.99)

7. Shapebuilder is a fun introduction to puzzles for the young set. After they put the puzzle together, it animates. ($0.99)

8. Sago Mini Doodlecast is a new spin on drawing apps; it records sound as you draw, capturing the cute kid commentary. Then you can play it back when the drawing is complete. ($1.99)

9. Dr. Suess Band is a musical instrument that you can change and features 120 sounds. This is a fun app for every age group. ($0.99)

10. My First Tangram is another puzzle solving app, but is perfect for little kids because they are never required to rotate the pieces to solve the tangram.  ($1.99)

Please share your kids’ favorite apps in the comments!

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  1. My college friend is the preschool coordinator for her county school system and she loves iPads for the kids!
    These are wonderful apps you’ve found and is motivating me to see what educational apps I can find to help Caiden out.

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