Making Sandwiches "Fun" the Easy Way

One of my 18-mth-old’s lunches

I keep seeing posts about cool sandwiches you can make for your kids–cutting little strips of cheese and vegetables to look like faces and hair and laying them on the bread, for example.  But I’ve found the quickest and easiest way to make fun, original sandwiches is with plain old cookie cutters!  I’ve amassed quite a little collection of the metal ones and keep them stored on hooks under my upper cabinets for easy access.  Make the sandwich, punch, and done.  Stores sell plastic “sandwich cutters,” but these are cheaper, sharper, and come in an endless array of designs.  The girls like the fun shapes, it takes the crusts off, and it cuts the sandwich into littler pieces to make it easier to eat.

Command adhesive hooks are perfect for hanging

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  1. Ike will only take his bread in the shape of a ‘choo choo’!

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