Free Toys!

You know the saying about how little kids would rather play with the box a toy came in than the toy itself?  So true!  I noticed yesterday as I was cleaning up from a day of play that a ton of the “toys” in our toy bin are basically “trash.”  Check it out.

Oatmeal canister:  Commonly used as a drum; spoons or straws usually serve as drumsticks

Coffee and cocoa containers:  So fun for little ones to put stuff in (like the ping pong balls in the egg carton) and then rattle around

Wipes container:  Cut scraps of fabric into squares and fill the wipes container.  Kids love to pull all the squares back and then stuff them back in.  This was a Pinterest inspiration–is that a “Pinspiration”?

Empty spice and herb jars and bottles:  Used for stacking and making towers as well as for make believe kitchen scenarios

Egg cartons:  Fill with ping pong balls from dollar store and give the kids big spoons.  They love transferring the balls from the carton to different containers and then back again.  Empty toilet paper and paper towel roll tubes work great with the ping pong balls too.

Empty paper towel roll tubes:  These are “pirate” spotting scopes, ping pong ball slides, slides for little action figures, voice amplifiers and “clarinets”

With all these free toys around, it kind of makes you wonder why we spend so much on toys?!?  Well, not me, because we all know I’m a bargain hunter!

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