Easy Perler Bead Christmas Ornaments

perler ornaments

I recently saw this pin for “Perler Ornaments” and knew I had to try them out because I have this ridiculously huge tub of Perler beads from IKEA. This is an ornament craft that is REALLY fast, REALLY easy, and kids enjoy, so I say it’s a win all around. Granted, they may not be as cute as salt dough ornaments, or smell as nice as the applesauce and cinnamon ones, but they sure were simple.

What you need:

* Perler Beads

* Oven-safe cookie cutters

* Cooking spray

* Parchment paper

* Cookie sheet



1) Preheat oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

2) Place parchment paper on cookie sheet and position cookie cutters.

3) Spray paper and cookie cutters liberally with cooking spray (you do not want melted plastic sticking to everything).

4) Sprinkle perler beads inside cookie cutter in a single layer.

5) Bake for about 15 minutes.

6) Remove from oven, let cool until hard.

7) Wash cookie cutters and perler bead ornaments with dish soap to remove oil.

perler prep

The kids really had fun and were proud of their creations.


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