Worth Your Salt…

I confess it–I bought into the hype. Darn those advertisers! I was totally buying products that proclaimed they had “Sea Salt” thinking I was being a smidge healthier because of it. As it turns out, sea salt, “natural” salt, rock salt–you may just as well use normal table salt, because they’re all pretty much the same from a nutritional standpoint. The BBC News reported that “Sea Salt Health Claims ‘Flawed.'” Almost all contain 100% sodium chloride, and any trace minerals that sea salt contains are nutritionally negligible. Eating a diet high in salt, as most Americans do, raises blood pressure and is a risk factor for stroke, heart failure and heart disease.

I’m one of those lucky people that has naturally low blood pressure, but my husband does not. I never add salt to food, even when a recipe calls for it. Foods in their natural state contain salt, and we get all the salt we need–about 2300 mg per day–from eating a balanced diet.

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