Why I Love Green Smoothies For Breakfast

My husband and I started drinking green smoothies for breakfast as part of our “Vegan Experiment” and enjoyed it so much, we’ve kept it up ever since. Pictured above is the contents of my smoothie this morning. All that went into one glass that I happily slurped down. That’s what’s so great about green smoothies–there is no way I would have eaten all that stuff for breakfast at 8 a.m., but drinking it was easy. The contents of our smoothies vary from one day to the next based on what we have available in the fridge and freezer. This morning’s smoothie included kale, spinach, carrots, banana, grapes, frozen strawberries, wheat germ, flax seed, and fortified O.J. It was quite tasty. I know some die-hards prefer not to use so much fruit, but I think the smoothies need it to avoid tasting like you’re sucking on a lawn mower. If you enjoy the taste of wheat grass shots, for instance, you could probably use more vegetables and less fruit.

No matter what happens with my diet the rest of the day, I love knowing that I at least started the day with multiple servings of raw fruits and vegetables. If you need further inspiration for ingredients, check out this big list of green smoothies.

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  1. laura1008 says:

    John and I took a shot of wheat grass ONCE LOL it was not for us, but we’ll try just about anything once.

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