What Do You Feed a Vegan Toddler?

toddler food tray

I’m working on assembling a list of foods my (somewhat picky) toddler will eat that aren’t loaded down with preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, and animal proteins.

The list follows below, but as far as general advice, little kids like a ton of variety–we are biologically hardwired as human beings to seek out variety of color, taste, and texture in our diets–so offering meals in divided trays or muffin tins is a great strategy. It forces us to think of different foods to fill each compartment. Try to choose foods of different colors. Kids also like being able to pick up lots of little pieces–hence the popularity of toddler snacks like Goldfish and Cheerios. For this reason, I recommend beans and diced soft fruits and veggies. There are so many varieties of beans–garbanzo, black, navy, butter, kidney, cannelini, and pinto, for starters–that there is almost assuredly one your kid will like. Although my daughter can eat nuts now, sunflower seeds are also a “safe” choice for really young kids because there is less of a choking risk.

Don’t get stuck on the idea of what is a “breakfast” food vs a “dinner” food either–my daughter will sometimes ask for avocado for breakfast. Fine by me!

So far, what I have my daughter eating includes:

My daughter also takes a multivitamin specifically formulated for toddlers.
Certainly there are other obvious choices like grapes and bananas, but I’ve only listed foods my kid will eat, and she’s been rather selective lately.
I think it’s challenging enough finding foods that toddlers will eat when you consider all food viable. It becomes even more difficult when you narrow it down to only healthy foods that won’t increase their risks for illness, future chronic diseases and conditions, and other negative consequences. But our kids are worth it and we need to offer them healthy variety in their meals and packed lunches.

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  1. Thanks for posting this list. I need to try some of these on my picky WC!

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