Turning Back the Clock with Plant-Based Eating

More than six years ago, I ran my first half marathon in Paris, France, in 2 hrs and 30 minutes.  Yesterday, I ran my 10th race of half marathon or greater distance in the exact same time.  It was a big deal to me because since then, I’ve had two children and gained and lost loads of weight.  How much weight?  Before giving birth to my second daughter, I topped the scale at 200 lbs.  I’ve lost more than 70 lbs since then and am now the same size I was when I graduated from college in 2002. 

I attribute my current health and fitness success to the plant-based lifestyle my family has adopted.  My weight was stuck and my running regime fruitless until I cut the red meat and dairy.  I am so very thankful that Netflix recommended I watch Forks Over Knives back in September.  The film was the catalyst that led me to begin researching the effects of nutrition on short- and long-term health.

I look and feel as good as I ever have.  A plant-based diet not only slows your aging (Google Annette Larkins and Mimi Kirk), it turns back the clock.  My time on yesterday’s race was not only the same as my first race, it was my second fastest half ever (my fastest was 2:27).  As I continue to tweak my diet and remove more processed foods and refined sugars, I anticipate even more improvement.

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