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My sister recently sent me a coupon to try out a new box subscription service, Graze. You may remember from my post on Birchbox that I love the “Christmas present” aspect of subscription boxes–the anticipation, excitement, and surprise that accompanies each. So I went ahead and signed up online. When you sign up using your invite code, you can review more than 90 snack foods and mark them as “Trash,” “Try,” “Like,” or “Love.” That way, you can ensure you don’t get snacks that you already know you don’t like (I trashed wasabi peas and anything really cheesy right away) and also ensure you get stuff you’re going to like (I’m all over trail mix and anything with chocolate). After each box, you can go back on the website and review the four snacks you received to ensure they keep packing stuff you’ll enjoy.

My first box arrived this week, a “nibble box” containing four snacks: Honeycomb Crunch, Jalapeno Fiesta, Coco Paradise, and Mississippi BBQ pistachios.

The first think I ate was the Honeycomb Crunch–almonds and chocolate? Yes, please!


It was delish. Will definitely mark that as a “Love.”

Next up, I tried the Mississippi BBQ Pistachios. I adore pistachios, but haven’t ever had flavored ones. These taste kind of like BBQ potato chips and were really good. I’ll mark this a “Like.”


Next, I had to dig into the Coco Paradise. Those little bits of Belgian chocolate were heavenly, the cranberries a tart juxtaposition, and I also loved the slivers of coconut. Another “Love.”


Last up, I tried the Jalapeno Fiesta. Probably if I’d gone through the list of 90 snacks beforehand more carefully, I would have trashed these, because I don’t do super hot and spicy. Thankfully, these are just a little zippy, not in-your-face fiery. They were okay. I really loved the pumpkin and sunflower seeds in the mix.


All in all, I loved my first Graze box and will continue to receive them, at least for a while. They are $6 total per box and they ship every 2 weeks. If you decide to try them out, my friend code will get you the 1st & 5th boxes FREE. Click on the promotion code link under the “Get Started” button and enter CHGC2VC6B.

Enjoy “Graze”ing! 😉

2 Responses to “Product Review: Graze Subscription Boxes”

  1. Kristen says:

    Pretty sure my hubby would love some of these things, I think I will have to give it a try, that price is not bad at all. How big were the portions? I am thinking it had to be in the 4 oz range, just curious.

    • Super Veggie Mom says:

      The servings are smaller than that. By calories–honeycomb crunch (183 cal), jalapeno fiesta (214), coco paradise (147), mississippi bbq pistachios (104). So the portions are just right for snacking between meals, but for people that like BIG snacks or require more calories, a box won’t go very far.

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