"Healthy" Can Be Convenient

In my post on what to feed a vegan toddler, I briefly mentioned these fruit and veggie squeezie pouches. They’ve been such a godsend, I had to do a full post on them. At this point, pretty much every baby and toddler food company produces them: Gerber’s, Plum Organics, Happy Tot, Sesame Street, revolution foods, Materne, Ella’s Kitchen, etc. Some of them also produce varieties with yogurt, so it’s important to check and ensure that the ingredients do not include dangerous dairy.

We’re at a difficult stage right now with my oldest child (2.5 yrs old). She likes to eat healthy–some of her favorite snacks are walnuts and raisins–but she is still in a “picky” phase. Most anything that’s green gets rejected. We’ve resorted to using Naked brand “Green Machine” smoothies in the morning so that she gets some greens. We just have to make sure it’s in a straw cup where she can’t see the color of it. Likewise, these squeezie pouches have been a great way to fill her with fruits and vegetables, and all their glorious phytochemicals, in a form that she loves. She asks for them! My youngest (11 mths) has also begun to enjoy these.

Due to the expense, it can be cheaper to make a puree at home and put it in a straw cup, but these are nice for the variety and convenience. The pouches certainly beat most American snacks for nutritional value! I even tried one of the pouches with mango, pear, chia seeds, and spinach, and I thought it was pretty tasty!

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  1. Nat loves these…WC still gags. WHY?!?! haha

  2. Kee says:

    I saw these at the store the other day. Wild!

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