Goodbye, Grill!

We recently bid adieu to our beautiful, high-end, stainless steel Ducane grill.  As lovely as it was, and as much as we used it once upon a time, it hasn’t gotten much (well, any) action since we adopted our new eating lifestyle.

My husband used to do most of the grilling, usually burgers or fish, sometimes chicken breast.  Since we changed our mindset and now view meat as a rare condiment, rather than an everyday main dish, we stopped grilling.

“You could grill vegetables,” you might say.  When foods are cooked at high temperatures, cancer-causing acrylamides are created.  Browned or burnt food (and what are grill marks but burnt spots?) contains these dangerous heat-generated compounds, so we decided we didn’t want to grill veggies.  Our veggies, if they are cooked, are cooked with water.

I briefly worried about how my husband would react to the sale of his (once) beloved grill.  After all, it seems like bbq grilling is practically a sign of masculine pride in this country.  When I questioned him, though, he smiled and said he wouldn’t be much of a man if he was dead.  I’m so glad I married a sensible man!

We sold the grill on Craigslist and got exactly what we asked for it, and the buyer took care of carting it away.  I’d say that’s a win-win.

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  1. Mommo says:

    I admire your dedication to your “new ” lifestyle. Way to go.

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