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Barbecue Flavored Tempeh

Tempeh, I believe, really needs to be flavored strongly to mask its slightly earthy, slightly bitter natural taste.  That’s why it works so well with strong Mexican flavors, as in my Mexican Lasagna and Crockpot Southwest White Chili.  This tempeh preparation is yummy because it tastes like it’s had some barbecue sauce poured over top, but there’s no barbecue sauce... read more

Meatless Meatloaf

So delicious!  Nothing quite like a guilt-free comfort food!  The whole family enjoyed this mild-flavored “meat”loaf that derives its bulk from beans and quinoa.  I used dried beans that were cooked in the pressure cooker, so my end result was probably less salty than canned beans, but very, very good.  I also cut down on the prep by using a food processor. The recipe is... read more

Apple-Dijon-Marinated Tempeh Triangles

Have you discovered tempeh yet?  It seems like everyone is familiar with tofu, but unless you follow a plant-based diet, you likely haven’t heard of its fermented whole-bean cousin, tempeh.  Tempeh is a highly nutritious energy-building protein source.  Tempeh’s fermentation process and its retention of the whole bean result in a higher content of protein (22 g per 4-oz... read more

Meatless "Sausage" Penne with Greens

Totally amazed at how much this smelled and tasted like real sausage. Don’t change the spices at all–they are perfect. My husband loved this dish. I don’t really like the real thing, so I simply thought it was good. The recipe is adapted from “Clean Eating” magazine’s Nov/Dec 2010 issue, the main change being my substitution of collard greens for sliced bell peppers... read more


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