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Walnut Coconut Butter

I made a new nut butter recipe today, and while telling my husband about it, he commented, “Wow, you’ve been trying a lot of different nut butters…if there are all these different options, why do people always eat plain old peanut butter?  And are there health benefits to eating other nut butters?”  The answer to his second question is easy–different nuts... read more

Chocolate-Walnut Butter

Oh Joy!!! So absolutely delicious! I’ve tried my hand at almond butter, cashew butter, and, of course, sunbutter, so why not walnut? Walnuts are definitely the easiest nut thus far to make a nut butter–they have such a high oil content that they process super-fast and there is no need to add any additional oil, which makes it a healthier butter. Sunbutter takes me about 20-25 minutes of... read more

Sneaky Grilled "Cheese" Sandwich

The key to getting my toddler to eat these was giving her the tomato soup to dip them in–it helps mask the true ingredients of the sandwich. I think the recipe itself, from the Everyday Happy Herbivore cookbook, needs some tweaking. I ate one of the sandwiches, too, and I think the proportions are off. It tasted too much like mustard and ketchup. I also think that next time I make this, I’ll... read more


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