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Sweet Potato Bean Burgers (Vegan)

So pleasantly surprised by how delicious these burgers are–easily the tastiest vegan burgers we’ve had thus far, although we agreed it tasted more like a fish sandwich because of the texture.  These are totally yum, and I am sure omnivore friends and family would like them too! This recipe is adapted from Healthy Happy Life. Sweet Potato Bean Burgers (Vegan)   Print Author: Super... read more

Veggie, Bean and Quinoa "Meat"balls

I am a proud wife.  My husband finally tried his hand at “this vegan cooking thing.”  Of course, for his first recipe he had to make a manly dish and this open-faced meatball sandwich fit the bill.  This is a versatile and delicious recipe.  If you don’t want to use the mixture to make meatballs, you can roll it in breadcrumbs before baking and serve it with a... read more

Sneaky Grilled "Cheese" Sandwich

The key to getting my toddler to eat these was giving her the tomato soup to dip them in–it helps mask the true ingredients of the sandwich. I think the recipe itself, from the Everyday Happy Herbivore cookbook, needs some tweaking. I ate one of the sandwiches, too, and I think the proportions are off. It tasted too much like mustard and ketchup. I also think that next time I make this, I’ll... read more

Black Bean Burgers

Tasty, although the texture can be a bit off-putting if you’ve never had a bean burger. You have to remember you’re not biting into ground beef; the texture is more mushy, like a bean dip, inside. The flavor is wonderful; the cilantro really makes it.  This recipe is adapted from The Happy Herbivore cookbook.  Pictured with Indian-spiced yam fries and “cheesy” cauliflower bites. ... read more


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