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On Loving Getting Older: MEPS the Second Time Around

Me in 2006 I am considering returning to military service in the Air Force Reserves (1 weekend a month plus 2 weeks a year).  I served in the active-duty force for 5 years, 9 months before separating in 2008 to focus on family.  I’m still not certain if I am going to go back in, but there are several compelling reasons: service to country, wonderful community, professional fulfillment,... read more

TV-Free Sundays

About a month ago, I began to feel uncomfortable with the amount of television my children were watching.  Well, maybe I should admit I felt guilty before then, but a month ago I decided to do something about it.  Lest I invite the harsh scrutiny of others, I won’t say exactly how much they were watching, but I felt it was too much.  I will also tell you that my kids do not watch ANY commercials... read more

The Polarizing Effect of Pinterest

Unless you’ve been living off the grid for the past couple years, you are no doubt well acquainted with that social media phenomenon–no, not Facebook–Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board, a place for you to “pin” all the things you find online that inspire, inform, and entertain you.  Everything from recipes, workout regimes, hairstyles, fashion, kids’... read more

Are You Bored…or Boring?

I keep reading, in various parenting blogs and books, that parents tell their whining kids that only boring people get bored.  I’ve been considering the validity of this statement, as it relates to children, but also on a personal level.  First, let’s look at how it applies to our kids…then let’s take at ourselves. I think it’s incredibly important for children to be bored... read more

Making Sandwiches "Fun" the Easy Way

One of my 18-mth-old’s lunches I keep seeing posts about cool sandwiches you can make for your kids–cutting little strips of cheese and vegetables to look like faces and hair and laying them on the bread, for example.  But I’ve found the quickest and easiest way to make fun, original sandwiches is with plain old cookie cutters!  I’ve amassed quite a little collection of... read more

Baby Food…It’s Not Just For Babies!

I used to own Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook, Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Getting Your Kids to Eat Good Food.  I have since gifted the book to a friend (the recipes required too much tweaking to fit within our nutritional parameters), but one of the lessons in that book stayed with me:  Fruit and veggie purees are virtually undetectable in a lot of baked goods and cooked sauces. ... read more

"Why Bother" With Early Potty Training?

I was at a party several weeks ago and, as it invariably does among a group of moms, potty training talk ensued.  I generally avoid such conversations because my opinions don’t align with the majority of Americans; discussions of “potty training in a day” and “M&M rewards” are absurd to me. When someone attempted to draw my into the conversation, I commented that I... read more

Escaping the Tedium of Day-to-Day Mommyhood

I was having one of those terrible days that all moms do from time to time.  It wasn’t just the whiny kids, messy home, and uncooked dinner.  I was having one of those “What am I doing???  Am I really living life to its fullest?  It always feels like its about everyone else.  Is this me embracing my potential in life right now?” moments when you feel lost and out of control. Later... read more

Meeting a Vegan (or Plant-Strong) Toddler’s Daily Nutritional Requirements

When Cassie over at Love Me Vegan posted this list of Daily Nutritional Requirements, I decided to take the time to analyze something I’ve been wondering about for a while–the nutritional content of what my kids are eating.  As it turns out, it is pretty easy to meet the daily requirements, and people that question our decision to steer clear of most meat and dairy are off-base. I have a 1-yr... read more

Free Toys!

You know the saying about how little kids would rather play with the box a toy came in than the toy itself?  So true!  I noticed yesterday as I was cleaning up from a day of play that a ton of the “toys” in our toy bin are basically “trash.”  Check it out. Oatmeal canister:  Commonly used as a drum; spoons or straws usually serve as drumsticks Coffee and cocoa containers:  So... read more

Pirate Party for Little Kids

 Avast, me hearties!  My oldest recently turned 3 and we decided to celebrate with a pirate party!  She loves pirate-themed shows right now–Dora’s Pirate Adventure, Backyardigan’s Treasure Island, etc.  We delivered special ARRR! pirate invitations (Rough pages in glass bottles with shells) a few weeks beforehand and asked all attendees to “wear yer pirate finery!” I... read more

Healthy Eating Habits and Picky Kids

Spiralized raw zucchini “spaghetti,” butter beans, and olives Lest anyone think my kids magically eat raw kale and celery sticks (they eat neither), I wanted to commiserate on the fickle eating habits of little children.  What was their favorite food yesterday is suddenly making them gag today.  We may continue to offer it, but eventually we tire of the wasted food and prep time and... read more

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