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Quick and Simple Kitchen Organization Tip

I was always annoyed how anytime I pulled out my measuring spoons to measure, for example, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, I would have to wash the entire set of spoons after tossing them into the sink. This is a quick and simple tip to get away from that. You buy some First Command hooks, attach them to the inside of a cupboard door, then separate all the measuring spoons (I know, it... read more

Family Room Redo

I promised some before and after pics–after all, I’m a huge HGTV junkie too!–so here is the first post. I’ve started with the family room because it’s the largest room and really shows off how just some paint, carpet, and cleaning can make a huge impact on the appearnce of a space. Here is a “before” picture. It shows off the huge windows,... read more

The Fixer-Upper

Part of the reason I love secondhand shopping and thrift stores is that the items within tell a story. The inscription in the book jacket, the nick in the chair leg, they all tell a story. Did a family once sit down to Thanksgiving dinner and eat from these china dishes? Did a mother rock her children to sleep in this chair? A month ago, we became the proud owners of a fixer-upper, and... read more

The Secondhand Snob

Imaginarium Train Table with all accessories–$19.99 at Goodwill I wish more people, when they want a new book, toy, piece of furniture, or item of clothing would make their local secondhand store their first stop.  Not Walmart.  Not Target.  Not the mall.   But about half the time, when I suggest it to friends, the response is a wrinkled nose and an expression of distaste.  Why the... read more

Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to the Grunwaldt Family for randomly being selected as the Free Giveaway winner!  Diana will work with you to provide bows and clips that you will love. The winner of this giveaway will receive $15 worth of RedHead Bows clips and bows and free shipping within the U.S.  Thank you so much to everyone that entered and took a look at Diana’s fantastic shop.  Even if you didn’t win, I... read more

Free Giveaway! Hair Bows and Clips

FREE GIVEAWAY time!!!    A fellow motivated mama (marathoner, nursing student, mother of two) and dear friend, Diana, has just launched her own boutique bow shop on Etsy.  RedHead Bows offers insanely cute bows and clips for girls at super-affordable prices!  I particularly love that she uses fun, original colors and styles.  Many of her bows can be worn on either side of your little girl’s... read more

Birchbox: Mama’s Monthly Christmas Present

Image courtesy the Birchbox Homepage There are some awesome surprise monthly subscriptions out there.  Citrus Lane does baby and kid stuff.  Fair Ivy sends out handmade goods.  Healthy Surprise sends out vegan and gluten-free goodies.  But one of the best values out there is probably Birchbox.  My husband scored a home run when he signed me up for a subscription back in March, but I’ve... read more

Letting Go of the Past with "Autumn" Cleaning

I know– “autumn” cleaning just doesn’t have the same ring as “spring” cleaning.  Something about the changing of seasons always encourages a fresh start, a desire to unclutter an area of my life.  Six months ago, I wrote about spring cleaning, and this past week, I was bitten by the same bug. My target this past week was a large steamer trunk full of uniforms and... read more

September Foodie Pen Pal Box!

I get so giddy about my foodie pen pal boxes, it’s like a monthly Christmas present.  This month, my box comes from Trisha in Oklahoma.  Trisha accepted my challenging request–no meat, eggs, dairy, sugar, or unhealthy stuff–and still managed to put together a delicious and wonderful box, even including a recipe for the quinoa.  Here’s what I got:Quinoa: I made Easy Southwest... read more

August Foodie Pen Pal Box!

This month’s foodie pen pal box comes from Christina in Florida, who hit a home run with some amazing flax snax, a sugar cookie mix, and maple bliss cookies.  This is such a great program–I love getting matched up with new people each month and trying new goodies. The Go Raw brand is new to me, and the Spicy Flax Snax were a delightful surprise–I was a little nervous seeing that they... read more

Pantry Organization

Whether you’re nutritarian, vegan, vegetarian, or just a healthy eater, you may have a lot of these bags kicking around, as I did.  I had a bin of dried bins, Bob’s Mill soup mixes, barley, quinoa, etc. and anytime I needed to use one, I had to sift through the bin to find it.  It was inconvenient and made it nearly impossible to tell if I was running out of something. Although I’d... read more

July Foodie Pen Pal Box

July was my first month participating in the Foodie Pen Pal program and it was such a great experience, I’m already anticipating next month’s and getting ideas for the box I’m going to pack! In this free program, you sign up through the site above and then get an email matching you up with a penpal for the month.  You email, find out allergies, likes and dislikes, and then put together... read more

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