September Foodie Pen Pal Box!

I get so giddy about my foodie pen pal boxes, it’s like a monthly Christmas present.  This month, my box comes from Trisha in Oklahoma.  Trisha accepted my challenging request–no meat, eggs, dairy, sugar, or unhealthy stuff–and still managed to put together a delicious and wonderful box, even including a recipe for the quinoa.  Here’s what I got:
Quinoa: I made Easy Southwest Quinoa with the last batch of quinoa I got.  This time, I’m going to either do Quinoa “Meat”balls or Quinoa Tabbouleh.
Emeril’s BAM! Original Essence:  This smells wonderful and would probably be amazing on yam fries.
Tajin Clasico Seasoning:  A fascinating spice blend–chili peppers and lime–that I’ve not seen before. 
Italian Herb Seasoning grinder:  When you are grinding the herbs yourself, they really do come out more flavorful!  Loved using this on whole wheat gnocchi and veggies.
Pepitas:  I eat these all the time, and the girls love them as a snack, so they’ll get used up quickly.  Fantastic plant source of iron.
Pine Nuts: I don’t know why I don’t buy these more often.  They are so dang tasty on a salad.  They are a particularly moist and flavorful seed.

It was a great box and I am excited about its contents.  Thanks, Trisha!

Curious what I sent in the box to my foodie pen pal?  Check out her post here.

If you would like to learn more about this foodie pen pal program, click here.  It costs nothing to join and you get to discover all sorts of yummy new food products.

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