Nickel Auction

In the same vein as my post on clothing swaps, I wanted to tell everybody about Nickel Auctions! Next time you’ve got a box of stuff to take to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, consider holding a Nickel Auction with a group of friends instead! I got the activity walker pictured at the last Nickel Auction…for 5 cents!
Here’s how they’re run around here; you could always vary the procedures based on what works for your group:
1. Someone volunteers to host the event at her house. Pick a day and time that will work for a lot of people. We like evenings so dads can watch kids while moms attend.
2. Send out the invite. The more, the merrier, although it will go later.
3. Pull items that you want to get rid of. Consider if you’d be better off selling them on Craigslist or a consignment shop, though.
3. Arrive at the house with your bucket of change and items to be sold. First come, first auction–sign in when you arrive and you auction off your items according to the list’s order.
4. When it’s your turn to sell your items, hold it up and people will bid in 5-cent increments. If it’s clear the item will go for more, the attendees can jump the bid faster: “25 cents, 50 cents, 1 dollar, etc”
5. Have someone in the group keep a tally of what the presenting lady is owed and by whom. At the end of her auction round, read off the amount each bidder owes: “Okay, so Sally is owed the following–Jen, 50 cents, Maggie, 10 cents, Julie, $1.25, etc” and pass a cup around for the bidders to drop their money into. Then pass the cup to the presenting lady.
6. Set a time limit for each auctioneer’s round, or they will last forever! We usually go with 7 minutes per person.

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