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I started couponing in May with the online service because I wanted to contribute as much as possible to our family’s financial stability. Couponing has a steep learning curve. It took me so long to make my shopping list the first time, and the trip to the store–oh my goodness–so stressful. I was sweating every 25 cents. But by the third week, I was getting the gist and saving loads of money. So much so that I canceled my SavingsAngel membership when the trial ran out. Now I cross-reference the store sale ads with the coupons myself–which actually doesn’t take that long, provided I keep my coupons up-to-date in my binder and clip the new ones the same day they come in. I use a 3-ring binder with baseball card and currency inserts (bought on Amazon) to sort the coupons, and it’s been great. No rifling through tiny slips of paper in one of those annoying coupon wallets for me! I love being able to flip the pages and see, at a glance, what coupons I have.
I’ve found that, in general, hygiene and baby items (like diapers and formula) are best bought at the drugstores, and that grocery items are best bought at grocery stores (not at sell-everything stores like Wal-Mart). My savings for the first few months are below:
May: 25%
June: 33%
July: 37%
August: 36%
I think once you see how much you can save using coupons, not only do you feel foolish for “wasting” so much over the years, you also realize you could never go back to paying full price.

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