Clothing Swaps…Pure Genius!

Most people that know me know I love a good bargain. You can’t beat free. I recently attended a clothing swap at a friend’s house and it was ah-mazing!!! I literally came home with a whole new wardrobe. New t-shirts, sweaters, jeans, khakis, a satin blouse, and a gorgeous American Eagle dress. This was the second time I’ve gone to a clothing swap; the first time was a huge, church-sponsored event, and I spent all my time in the children’s room because I’d just had a baby and wanted infant clothes. I dropped off all my maternity clothes and came home with cute rompers, frilly dresses and onesies.

Clothing swaps are such a brilliant concept, I don’t know why more people don’t have them. You clean out your closet, get together with a group of friends and then give them to people that want them. At the swap I went to this past week, each lady held up a discard, stated the size (and brand, if notable), and then someone would claim it. If two people wanted the same item, they rolled dice. If no one wanted it, it went into a charity pile.

I love the book, “It’s All Too Much,” by Peter Walsh, for people looking for de-cluttering tips. He offers this tip for clothing: Hang all the clothes in your closet with the hangars facing backward. When you wear a piece of clothing, turn the hangar around when you return it to the closet. At the end of a designated length of time (perhaps 6 months or a year), get rid of anything that hasn’t had its hangar flipped around. It’s quite eye-opening. Did you know you only wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time?

If you’re feeling like your wardrobe is getting a little tired, I recommend organizing a clothing swap with a big group of friends!

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  1. Kee says:

    I had a great time too! Thanks!

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