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Carrageenan: Worry-worthy?

My online vegan support forum recently blew up with talk about “carrageenan.”  What is it, and should we be concerned about eating foods that contain it? Carrageenan is a food additive derived from red seaweed that is used as a thickening agent.  It’s in a lot of different foods–everything from Silk brand soy and coconut milks (but not almond milk) to Fig Newtons.  There’s... read more

Healthy Eating Habits and Picky Kids

Spiralized raw zucchini “spaghetti,” butter beans, and olives Lest anyone think my kids magically eat raw kale and celery sticks (they eat neither), I wanted to commiserate on the fickle eating habits of little children.  What was their favorite food yesterday is suddenly making them gag today.  We may continue to offer it, but eventually we tire of the wasted food and prep time and... read more

First Impressions

This post isn’t about wearing the right attire for a job interview, or making friends on the first day of school, or handshakes…rather, it’s about the real first impressions–the ones that affect our kids for life.  My oldest daughter seems to be at a pivotal point in her development.  I’d heard many people lament that 3 is a far more trying age than 2, and I have to agree. ... read more

Who Moved My (Toxic) Cheese?

It happened again the other night. There I was, sitting at a table with some other ladies at a social function, and my family’s nutritional profile came up. “Oh, I could give up meat,” declared one woman, “but never cheese!” The other table members emphatically nodded. What is it about cheese that makes people take complete leave of their senses?  I know it is a concentrated... read more

Vanilla "Bean Milk"

We’re always looking for ways to “sneak” healthy goodness into our kids, and this bean milk fits the bill. The white beans are totally undetectable, and the frozen banana imparts just a hint of flavor. It tastes kind of like liquid vanilla milkshake. Both my daughters liked it! The ingredients are definitely cheaper than nut milk. This recipe is adapted from Melomeals: Vegan for $3.33 a... read more

Waist-to-Height Ratio

I’ve been struggling a little with Dr. Fuhrman’s “Ideal Weight” calculator–I think the number it spits out is fair for me and my body type and build, but I don’t feel the calculator produces a fair number for every person. When I saw this article, “Waist-to-height ratio is a better screening tool than waist circumference and BMI…” I felt I’d... read more

Are You and Your Kids Getting Enough DHA? Consider a Supplement

Docosahexaenoic acid, commonly referred to as DHA, is a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid. DHA makes up a large portion of our brain and eyes and is crucial to their proper function. Today’s standard American diet is severely lacking in wholesome natural sources of DHA like walnuts, flax seeds, soybeans, leafy greens, and certain fish. What happens when a person doesn’t consume enough DHA? DHA... read more

I Am Not A Cow

I am not a cow. And my children are not baby calves. So why would I give them cow’s milk? Although I already did a post on what milk to give a child at one-year of age, I am working on transitioning my baby from a bottle to a cup full-time and read some research this morning that I wanted to share. Iron deficiency most commonly affects 9- to 24-month-olds. The cause? Too much cow’s milk,... read more

Another Year Young!

My first plant-strong birthday! I celebrated with a jumbo carrot cake cupcake this morning and opened my hubby’s gift–a beautiful Bill Campbell bowl. Bill Campbell produces my favorite pottery in the world–unique, timeless, complex, and just gorgeous. The bowl is filled with clementines on the kitchen counter now. My children were at a Mother’s Day Out program this morning, so I... read more

"The Salad is the Main Dish"

I used to hate salad. The very word was synonymous with “diet” to me, which meant unappetizing, not filling or satisfying, and basically akin to starvation. What a turnaround I’ve experienced over the last 5 months! I love salad now, because I know what a real salad should look like! I used to make salad by ripping up some pieces of iceberg lettuce and pouring a gallon of Wishbone... read more

Organic or Non-Organic Produce, That is the Question…

I used to think it was a waste of money to buy organic produce–after all, sometimes it’s 3 times as expensive as non-organic. Then I started reading about how organic food has more nutrients than non-organic and I saw this simple video with a girl’s science experiment using sweet potatoes. It’s quite compelling about what we put in our bodies. So now I buy a few things... read more

Ideal Weight

If you’re trying to lose weight, you probably have a goal weight in mind. I know I did when my weight loss plateaued after my second daughter was born. After months without the scale budging, I finally accepted that, “This is the size I am now,” and donated all my slim, sexy clothes to charity. Then, I eliminated meat, dairy and eggs. Now, 5 months later and 20 lbs lighter, I am... read more

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